EchoWare DataSyncs


The following list is a sample of various configurations of the EchoWare DataSync, built from a common middleware framework. Plug-in libraries provide an two-way datasync interface to various 3rd party API’s such as: QuickBooks Online & Desktop, Sage50/Peachtree, Salesforce, Zapier, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, and many more.

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The Problem: Your Infusionsoft and QuickBooks Desktop are never up to date.

To get your Infusionsoft Contacts/Customers synced with QuickBooks Desktop, manual data entry is the only way. This is time consuming, prone to errors and not timely. Present integration application attempts have expensive and complicated setup and mapping.

The Solution: EchoWare DataSync is simple, easy, inexpensive and quick to set up.

The mapping is all done, just pick whether you require 1 way or 2 way syncing, fill out short account form and download EchoWare web connector. Usually takes only 5 minutes from start to transferring data.

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The Problem: You accept online orders from a Magento2 enabled shopping cart system. You need this data automatically sync’ed into your Sage50 Accounting system. You have data in your Magneto system:

  • Customers
  • Invoices /Sales Orders
  • Items

You need to enter into Sage50 (installed desktop version). You waste time manually updating Customer, Item and Sales Order data into Sage50 or through

cumbersome upload processes that are not automated. You need to have them remain in sync with each other.

The Solution: EchoWare DataSync for Sage50 – Magneto will automatically synchronize information between your Magento account and your Sage50 account saving you hours of time.

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The Problem: You have ServiceCEO customers and active jobs that you need to get into InfusionSoft. You add new ServiceCEO customers all the time and want them to automatically go directly into InfusionSoft as well. You want to use InfusionSoft on ServiceCEO customer information and active job information.

The Solution: Echo DataSync will transfer new customers and update existing customer information directly into your InfusionSoft account. The customers’ next active job information will be updated in InfusionSoft. Within a few minutes of creating or updating a customer or next active job in ServiceCEO, it will be updated in InfusionSoft.







The Problem: You have Quickbooks installed on your computer. You have data in your Caspio account:

  • Customers
  • Invoices
  • Payments/Credits/Returns
  • Vendors
  • Purchase Orders
  • Employees
  • Time cards

You need to enter into Quickbooks (installed desktop version). You update Customer, Employee and Vendor data in both Caspio and Quickbook and you need to have them remain in sync with each other

The Solution: Echo Messaging Systems Caspio – Quickbooks Bridge Module will automatically synchronize information between your Caspio account and your Quickbooks account saving you hours of time.