Product Vision: Unified Automation Menu

The Automation product line is composed of a variety of installed and online applications. Echo Messaging plans for a unified web-based starting point where the user can select the two items then need to sync. Echo Messaging has developed a middleware framework where each plug-in connects to and syncs information between the middleware representation. This approach means that as new plug-ins are developed, they will quickly connect to all other plug-ins due to being compatible with the middleware representation.

The middleware representation will sync:

●  Customers, Contacts, Locations

●  Items, Inventory, Non-inventory, Services and other Items

●  Sales Orders with all line items

●  Invoices with all line items

●  Payments

●  Returns/Credit Memos


Plug-in Libraries, available for use in Desktop installed and Online hosted applications:

●  QuickBooks Desktop

●  QuickBooks Online

●  InfusionSoft

●  Coresuite

●  HubSpot

●  Zapier

 ●  Caspio

●  Google Cloud Message

●  Peachtree/Sage50

●  ServiceCEO

●  Map Point

●  Magento e-commerce

●  Networks Solutions E-Commerce

● Salesforce

● Paypal

● Stripe

● MindBody

● Jobber

● Auth.NET

● Intellitrak Inventory Management

● Google Maps

● Outlook Exchange Calendars

● SqlServer, MySQL, Postgres or any ODBC database