NEW PRODUCT: Volunteer Portal delivered to non-profit Serve Rhode Island

Echo Messaging Systems Inc has delivered a Volunteer Portal to the non-profit organization, Serve Rhode Island at

Serve Rhode Island transforms the lives of Rhode Islanders by increasing the number of people engaged in volunteer and service activities in their communities. The Volunteer System developed by Echo Messaging Systems, Inc allows Serve Rhode Island  to match volunteers with residents that require services such as snow shoveling.

The Volunteer Portal has saved hundreds of hours wile providing excellent and accurate communication between volunteers and the neighbors they help by doing the following:

  • Automated matching of volunteers to residents need help based on proximity, tasks requested and past service
  • Online system which Serve RI administrators run from home offices during snowstorms
  • Automated email, text message and phone call notification sent to volunteers requesting service with all needed contact information
  • Volunteers can decline a service request by pressing a button and administrators are notified in real-time and can resubmit for matching to other available volunteers
  • Residents are kept in the loop with status information of their volunteer and when driveways and sidewalks are solved.
  • Priority resident – those with services provided by visiting nurses, meals-on-wheels, etc – are notified automatically when services are completed.
  • Real-time, interactive map (shown above) gives administrators a global view of where services requests are and how volunteers are progressing.
  • ALL COMMUNICATION BETWEEN RESIDENTS AND VOLUNTEERS IS 100% AUTOMATED. Administrators and staff control everything from one hosted application.



  • Volunteer Portal
  • JNS (Job Notification Service) using for email, text message and phone communication
  • DataSync for Google Forms to automate importing of qualifying residents and background-checked volunteers

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