WINNER Rhode Island Tech10 2016 Gerald Deane, CEO/President Echo Messaging Systems Award Category: ​Company Innovation

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President and CEO, EchoMessaging Systems
Gerald Dean works with artificial intelligence systems, a super futuristic branch of technology. A former professor at Johnson and Wales, he believes in helping the little guy, and his company, EchoMessaging Systems, does just that. “Twelve years ago when we started our company, nobody was servicing the small industries,” he says. “A lot of small companies had ideas, but if they had brought their ideas to the software giants, it would have cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. There’s no way they could afford it. So we aimed our software at small businesses.” The software does the mundane tasks that would normally take excessive hours to accomplish. “It frees up people from doing all the menial things, like sending out notices and invoices, which can take a few days to do. Our system automatically does that in the background,” he says. “It’s all based in artificial intelligence; the AI monitors the changes in the reactions and it learns.” Deane is also working on something called Push EchoWare that will change the game when it comes
to how data and information is shared. “This new software, you don’t have to have a mobile plan, you can push information into any device, you can push information to anything that has bluetooth or WiFi,” he says. Innovation aside, the thing that is most important to Deane is for young people to not be afraid to pursue their ideas. “That’s at the core of what I do. You just have to keep pushing and believe that it’s gonna work. Don’t quit.”