The following use cases show many different types of companies using Echo Messaging products to solve common problems with automation. In many cases there are customized connections to fit into their workflow so that there is minimal disruption when replacing a manual process with an automated one.

Companies range from food wholesalers needing to centralize acquired legacy systems seamlessly, to service industry companies built on recurring business like pool servicing and house cleaning, to companies that transitioned from brick & mortar to online e-commerce, to those taking advantage of new online marketing systems while keeping the current workflows in place.

Common aspects is that they come to Echo Messaging Systems with a specific problem to solve in their workflow. Once they solve one problem, they realize we offer automation solutions for problems they didn’t even think they could solve. We approach each automation project holistically and seek to understand their end-to-end workflow as well as their overall goals. At that point, we can recommend many automation solutions and offer a menu of quoted options for them to choose from. Often, customers become repeat customers and over many years will implement their automation plan knowing what will automate and how much it will cost.